Happy New Year..Black Eyed Peas, Mushrooms, and Collard Greens!


Happy New Year everyone. I am focusing on one goal this year:

Acceptance. Quite lofty, eh?

Now, onto the food.

I have been making black eyed peas and greens every New Year’s Day  as long time Melomeals readers know.

Black eyed peas have such an amazing flavor, and can be prepared quite fast from their dried form. As long as you don’t introduce acid and salt into the cooking liquid. I know that many food scientists say that salt doesn’t affect the bean cooking time, but in my own experience, I beg to differ.

When I want my black eyed peas done fast, I rinse them well, then put them on the stove with around 3 inches of water covering the amount of beans in a medium size sauce pan. I like to add a bay leaf and 1 clove as well. I bring to a rolling boil uncovered while I am preparing the vegetables for the dish.

My go-to black eyed pea favs are Indian, Ethiopian, Cajun, Nigerian, and often, a fusion of all three spices, depending on what I have on hand.

While the peas are cooking, I prep the veggies, then saute lots of garlic and onion with spices and add the peas along with whatever cooking liquid  is left as needed. I cover and simmer for a while, or until the peas are done, and add the veggies and tomato product and cook for several  more minutes. I usually finish off my dish with an acid, taste for salt/pepper and add any fresh herbs I’m using.

Soy sauce, miso, nutritional yeast, and umeboshi are ingredients that will help ‘finish’ a dish if it is lacking something.

I love to make big batches of this and freeze the leftovers.


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