5 Spice Daikon – Chickpea Stew


I am a huge fan of Daikon! Raw, roasted, braised, stir fried? Yes please!

This stew came about years ago courtesy of The Boyfriend. He loves this Daikon-Beef stew from Kan Man in Quincy, MA. He asked to to recreate it vegan. I thought about different “proteins” but came to the conclusion that tofu, seitan, or tempeh would not do the soup justice since part of what he loved was the gelatinous broth the bone in beef provided.

I got to thinking, and decided to use chickpeas since the broth gels in a similar way to chicken stock when you cook them from scratch. Now, I explained to him I was not trying to replicate the beef taste at all. (Frankly, I don’t even know what it tastes like, only what it smells like!) I cooked the chickpeas and put them aside with the cooking liquid while I sauteed some onions, garlic, and ginger in sesame oil with some 5 spice powder. Then I added large chunks of daikon, carrots, and potato, poured the chickpea/liquid mix , a huge spoonful of Goguchang and piece of dried Kombu. I brought it to a strong simmer, then covered and turned the heat down to low and cooked for around 1 hour. At the end, I stirred in frozen peas, and added soy sauce, pepper, cilantro, and rice vinegar to taste.

So yummy! The five spices, sesame oil, soy, and goguchang are a perfect combination and the daikon become juicy and tender. I encourage experimentation with these flavors and ingredients! I have done quite  few dishes utilizing them with great results!


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