Seitan Al Pastor Tacos


Long time readers know I’m not a huge fan of seitan, but sometimes, it hits the spot in small doses. For these tacos, it was perfect. I actually baked the seitan rather than steaming, because I wanted a dryer texture. I feel the dryer texture soaks up the sauce better. I used a lot of chipotle pepper and good chili powder along with garlic, lime juice, coconut oil and soy sauce, allspice and other spices in the seitan mixture.

Market Basket sells some pretty damn good corn tortillas, but homemade would be even better. Oh my, speaking of homemade tortillas…  the best ones I’ve ever had were from the farmers market in Vermont from a couple summers ago. Freshly ground masa made the taste of these so outstanding! I’ve been meaning to tackle this project one of these days.

farmersmarket 228


I digress; let’s get back to the tacos! So, I shredded the seitan and dried it out a little more on a baking sheet, then tossed in this amazing chipotle sauce I made with pineapple juice, chipotle, roasted garlic, spices and olive oil. Simple fresh pineapple, onion, and cilantro is all you need to top these babies! mmmmmm Tacos!!!


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