Ethiopian Feast at Home!

injera 038

I love Ethiopian food, but am often frustrated that the vegan/vegetarian options are bland when I go out to eat, so creating my own is my solution!

The Boyfriend and I are super happy with our Injera. I buy whole Teff from Market Basket (the QUEEN OF ALL GROCERY STORES!) and grind it myself in my Vitamix.



It only takes a couple days to get the batter nice and fermeted. MMMMM injera! We do not have our own dedicated injera pan, but many people swear by them. I have used my non-stick skillet with great results. If you plan ahead, having a homemade Ethiopian meal is not hard. BF and I have created an amazing Ethiopian Spice Blend and Berber Seasoning, so as long as they are on hand, I can make a satisfying meal in under an hour!

        17 spices make up our Ethiopian Spice Blend! 

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