Smoky Walnut-Nutritional Yeast


I’m not quite sure how to to describe this deliciousness? It definitely hits cheesy notes when you add it to certain foods. I use it like you would Parmesan. If you like savory, smoky, umami taste like me, then you will love this!

I used toasted walnuts, nutritional yeast, garlic powder,smoked paprika,and oat fiber pulsed together in my food processor. The oat fiber was there for texture; the pulsed nuts and oat fiber create a lovely crumble I love. I also just happen to have a lot of oat fiber. You can leave it out or add some golden flax meal


I made this over the top flavor bomb of a sandwich with leftover smoked tofu, Costco kale/Brussels sprout salad (sans the dressing and nuts/seeds), avocado,onion, Dijon and some of my homemade vegan mayo.


2 thoughts on “Smoky Walnut-Nutritional Yeast

  1. This sounds wonderful, Mel! Love that you use my favorite salad mix in a sandwich–I will have to try this soon!

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